At Sterlings we do not only provide our clients with the best Italian design and quality but we also get involved in the entire creation of a project, from the first inspirational idea to the fine detail of application.

Besides the focus on creating a unique and personalized bathroom we also provide solutions for lodges, boutique hotels and residential developments with cost effective options dependent on the nature of the contract. Our group of individuals share a passion for design and have a thorough understanding of the medium.

To Challenge, to understand , to create - an inspiration that has provided the foundation of our company. Combining the necessary infrastructure with a team of highly creative people has seen SURREAL position itself as an incubator of globally competitive solutions and achieve an overlying reputation in our pursuit of excellence.

Дървени летви - колчета от ЕМСИЕН-3
Дървени талпиталпи от ЕМСИЕН-3